Sorry this came a day late everyone. Now the conclusion of my 80s slasher calendar.

That glorious time of year when everyone turns into a horror fan, and horror gets the proper respect it deserves. This time of year is so busy for me, we usually have a huge Halloween party at our house. This year, I hope to be doing a lot of promotion for Kill River (and maybe even a new book). But throughout all the craziness, I make time to get back to the classic mainstream slashers.

My particular picks for this time of year are A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984), ANOES 2 (1985), HALLOWEEN (1978), HALLOWEEN 2 (1981), HALLOWEEN 4 (1988), HALLOWEEN 5 (1989), and the CHILD’S PLAY trilogy, which I’ve watched every Halloween night for the past 20 years. CHILD’S PLAY 2 is my particular favorite from that set. These movies have given me so much inspiration throughout my entire life, and so many memories. This is the time of year that I reunite with them.

I can’t say much about November. Horror seems to peak on Halloween and die down for a little while. Although, for me horror never dies. November 15th is my birthday, and I usually like to watch HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (1981). It’s kind of convoluted, but its got crazy kills, and the end scene is epic!

While Christmas is thoroughly shoved down everyone’s throat this month, I try to avoid all the over-hype. I don’t get into the Holiday spirit until about one week before Christmas. The Christmas tradition that excites me most is watching SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT (1984). This is probably one of the most fun slasher movies you’ll ever see. I saw a trailer for it on youtube some years back and then found the whole movie uploaded there and watched it late at night on Christmas Eve. Since then, I’ve been hooked. It’s got a hilarious heartwarming music montage scene, a great sledding kill, and so many quotable lines. A lot of people talk about Black Christmas like it’s so great, but I like SNDN much better.

Then comes, New Years Eve. I can’t explain why, but this has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love staying up until midnight, I love the thought of the new year and all the potential for great things to come, and I also love looking back at the great times of the past. Back in college, I started my Annual New Years Eve Slasher marathon where I literally woke up and watched slasher movies almost all day. I think I made it through about six of them that day. Im pretty sure the original line up was Prom Night, Graduation Day, My Bloody Valentine, The Prowler, The Burning, and Sleepaway Camp. The line up changes every year, but one film that is a constant New Years Must Watch is TERROR TRAIN (1980). This film really captures that New Years spirit. It’s got Jamie Lee, an awesome killer who wears multiple masks, and a great twist. It’s another one of those genuinely tense and scary slasher films too.

There you have it, my slasher calendar. I realize I watch a lot of films, especially ones I’ve seen before, but hey, sometimes its best to enjoy the finer things in life and enjoy the classics. I hope that within the years to come, I can write some great slasher books that can be read and re-read and enjoyed by big 80s slasher fans like I am. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even turn one of them into a movie.