Hey guys! I’m hard at work right now, finishing up the first draft of my next book and it’s gonna be crazy. But I learned that February is Women in Horror Month, which is totally relevant to me because my sub-genre of choice is the slasher genre. In my book, Kill River, my survivor girl is Cyndi. A badass 80’s teen who is obsessed with music and listening to mix tapes on her Walkman. She’s only 13 and five feet tall, yet she’s able to endure a lot and tangle with a huge psycho killer. Kill River is really a story about Cyndi and how she comes out of her shell and finds that she’s much stronger than she gave herself credit. I’ve never written a character that I love so much, and if you haven’t read Kill River yet, definitely check it out. Its a must read for 80’s slasher fans.

OK, end of shameless plug, I promise. In the slasher genre, there are a lot of badass female characters that I feel are under-appreciated. So I wrote out this list of 8 Slasher Movie Girls that Should’ve Gotten Called Back For Sequels.

#1.) First and most important KYLE from Child’s Play 2, played by Christine Elise. What a badass! She could’ve totally stayed out of it, but instead she fights off Chucky, one of the most epic and iconic slasher killers of all time. With her tough attitude, sense of humor, and the fact that she goes above and beyond to help save Andy, she totally should’ve gotten called back from Child’s Play 3. What happened to her? Would Chucky ever go after her again? Would she go back to destroy the Good Guy factory on the Night of 1000 Chuckies? Don Mancini, if you’re reading this, I really hope you can get her to come back in the next Chucky movie.

#2.) ALANA from Terror Train played by the original scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis. I loved every slasher movie Jamie Lee was in. She’s a fighter, yet she still seems scared enough to make her slasher films feel real and terrifying. I wish they could’ve brought her character back for a 2nd Terror Train, I mean, there’s gotta be more people she and her frat friends pissed off in college, right? Maybe they could’ve changed the setting from a train to something else. Terror Plane? Terror Cruise Ship? Terror Tour Bus? Terror Blimp? Terror Submarine? So many possibilities!

#3.) JUDY from Sleepaway Camp played by Karen Fields. Call me crazy, but I can’t be the only person in the world that thought that Judy was smokin’ hot! Yes, she was a bitch. Yes, she treated Angela and everyone else at camp like shit. But hey, maybe she could’ve survived her curling iron stab and it turned her around, gave her a whole new outlook on life. Personally, I would’ve loved to see a Judy/Angela reunion/showdown at Camp Arawak. Maybe she could’ve become the hero in a sequel, now that would be a crazy twist even for Sleepaway Camp standards.

#4.) KATY from House on Sorority Row, played by Kate McNeil. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: House on Sorority Row needs a Halloween 2 Style Immediately-After-Sequel to continue the story. HoSR is such a great slasher movie that just didn’t really get to finish the story. There was so much more to be explored, and Katherine running from that spooky killer in the jester suit for the entire HoSR2 would’ve been epic!

#5.) BRIDGET from Leprechaun 2 played by Shevonne Durkin. Leprechaun 2 is easily my favorite of the Leprechaun movies. Shevonne Durkin is such a gorgeous slasher survivor girl. She even had to endure that nasty forked-tongue Leprechaun lick (shudder). Shevonne Durkin also plays her ancestor in the opening scene of Lep 2. I’ve always been intrigued by the possibility of a Leprechaun prequel. Maybe her character had more dealings with the leprechaun back in medieval times. Hell, maybe Jennifer Aniston could return to the franchise in a cameo as the Queen of England or something, now that would be a cool Leprechaun movie.

#6.) My last 3 entries are Friday the 13th women. In a series that’s notorious for not bringing back characters, 3 awesome women were totally forgotten when it came time for sequels. First, GINNY from Friday the 13th 2 played by Amy Steel. She’s really the first Jason survivor girl and is one of the toughest and smartest. She’s the first person to figure out that you can use psychology on Jason to stump him. And she survives! Its a crying shame that they didn’t bring her back for Part 3.

#7.) VIOLET from Friday the 13th 5 played by Tiffany Helm. Anyone who reads this blog, or who’s read Kill River knows that Cyndi is based a lot on Violet. I’ve always felt that they really should’ve focused more on Violet, and that she should’ve been the main character instead of Pam, the doctor at Pinehurst. Maybe her and Tommy Jarvis could’ve gotten together, and made an awesome Jason fighting couple.

#8.) The last is TINA from Friday the 13th 7 played by Lar Park Lincoln. Part 7 is one of the strongest of the series not only for being the 1st Kane Hodder Jason film, but for its awesome original concept of Jason fighting someone with supernatural powers. I loved the character of Tina and thought Part 7 was a perfect introduction for her and her powers. But I would’ve loved to see her character grow and change, become even stronger telepathically. Its too bad they couldn’t have continued her character with Part 8, instead we got Jason in NYC, ugh. My ideal Friday sequel would be to bring back Jason’s strongest survivors: Ginny, Tommy Jarvis, and Tina to have a rematch with Jason.

Well, there ya have it. Do you have any other slasher girls that you loved that should’ve been brought back for a sequel or two? Hit me up and let me know what you think!