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Real Life Locations for Kill River Part 2

Well, that's the end of my summer at Water World. I've been so busy that I only got to go twice this year, usually I get a season pass and go between 8 and 10 times. But this year, I did four house projects, took trips to Maine and San Francisco, and spent a ton [...]

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Real Life Locations for Kill River Part 1

So here I am, sitting at home all sunburned after a full day at my awesome local water park here in Colorado, Water World. I was originally going to tweet a bunch of pictures of the rides, but then I thought, hey I can really go in depth with this and show people what I [...]

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I finished reading EVERY Stephen King book!

Huge day for me today! Today I have finally finished every Stephen King book. Novels, short story / novella collections, non-fiction, Richard Bachman books, I've read it all. I don't know exactly when I decided I would read every King book, I think I must have been 11 or 12. One day, I went to [...]

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8 Slasher Girls Who Should’ve Come Back For Sequels

Hey guys! I'm hard at work right now, finishing up the first draft of my next book and it's gonna be crazy. But I learned that February is Women in Horror Month, which is totally relevant to me because my sub-genre of choice is the slasher genre. In my book, Kill River, my survivor girl [...]

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80s Slasher Calendar Part 3 of 3

Sorry this came a day late everyone. Now the conclusion of my 80s slasher calendar. October: That glorious time of year when everyone turns into a horror fan, and horror gets the proper respect it deserves. This time of year is so busy for me, we usually have a huge Halloween party at our house. [...]

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My DIY Self-Published Book Binding Process

If you're a self-published author like me, getting print books is a daunting task. Digital only books are tough to promote and sell. Having a professional company print and bind books for you is expensive, believe me, I looked into it. Prices range from about $6 to $15 dollars per book, ouch! So I searched [...]

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Best Slasher Movies of 1985 – Part 2: Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

First Freddy, now Jason. Let's face it, the best Friday the 13th movies are the first four, just about anyone who's seen all 12 would agree. Everything after that is hit or miss, but Friday 5 holds a special place in my heart. I watched it for the first time as part of a double [...]

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Best Slasher Movies of 1985 – Part 1: Nightmare on Elm Street 2

It's that wonderful orange and black, spooky time of year again and I'm watching all my classic slasher movies. Since it's 2015, I'm focusing on two thirty year anniversary slasher movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, and Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning. Neither of these films are really considered to [...]

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Why I Don’t Do Digital Books

A lot of my friends and family members ask me why I won't release Kill River in a digital ebook format, and I simply tell them, "because I keep it real." Yes, I know I'm guilty of dodging the question with a joke, but I couldn't be more serious about my resolve to have my [...]

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